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Training is free!

Party Smart offers free Active Bystander Intervention training to alcohol-serving establishments. This one-hour training introduces employees to the concept of active bystander intervention and provides concrete strategies for increasing patron safety. This training is appropriate for security staff, bartenders, waitstaff, promotional models, and other hospitality employees. To learn more, or to schedule a training for your establishment, contact the Prevention and Education Manager of The Rape Crisis Center at 702-385-2153.

Become a Party Smart Partner

Ready to do even more? You can become a Party Smart Partner by fulfilling these requirements.

  • Annual staff training: The Rape Crisis Center will provide a free training for all staff members, as well as make training dates available for new hires throughout the year. All staff must attend training once a year to maintain status as a Party Smart Partner. Staff who complete training will also be required to complete a brief survey to help us ensure the effectiveness of the training.
  • Participate in Party Smart social media campaigns: share Party Smart messaging provided by The Rape Crisis Center on social media platforms at designated times throughout the year, such as New Year’s Eve, Spring Break, and Memorial Day Weekend.
  • Maintain Party Smart information in establishment:post Party Smart materials in at least 2 conspicuous locations with easy access for patrons. RCC will provide materials OR provide the Party Smart logo to be placed on materials of the establishment’s design. The Rape Crisis Center holds final approval over any materials featuring the Party Smart logo.

Sign the Party Smart Pledge:

Sign the pledge which will be publicized by The Rape Crisis Center to share your commitment to creating a safe environment for your patrons. Post the pledge in employee spaces such as break rooms or by lockers so that every employee is reminded of your establishment’s commitment.

Adopt recommended safety policies and procedure:

Adopt RCC – recommended policies that will empower your staff to maintain a safe environment for patrons. The Rape Crisis Center will provide a free information session for management and owners to learn more about these policies.

We hope that you will join the Party Smart campaign and help to set a new standard for violence prevention in Las Vegas nightlife.

If you have questions, or are ready to take action to prevent sexual violence at your establishment, contact the Prevention and Education Manager of The Rape Crisis Center at 702-385-2153